Unless we train the FEELINGS and the CHOICE, our man is not educated. He is only decked out in certain intellectual tricks that he has learnt to perform. By these tricks he can earn his bread. He can not appeal to the heart, or give life. He is not a man at all; he is a cleaver ape.
- Sister Nivedita


  1. Sister Nibedita, a pioneer and emancipator
    For Indian society and culture
    She is an educator
    An architect of women empire
    Nibedita is an epic
    The epic precisely composed by Swami Vivekananda
    A chosen daughter of Maa Sarada.

  2. Sister Nibedita, a pioneer of modern education
    She is the National Institution
    An architect of modern India
    An ambassador of Swamiji
    A chosen daughter of Maa Sarada
    Nibedita, a gift to Bharat
    She is the rendition of epic Bharat.

  3. Nivedita is the perfect example of the highest order of spiritual perfection in practice.She is the prophet of the new order of development which the world will be compelled to adopt in the not so distant future.


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